Co-mt. is a project brand of KOMATSU MATERE, a world leader in high-level synthetic apparel fabric. The theme of this brand is “New Basic for New Gentlemen”.
It aims to provide adult men with garment dye clothing featuring a distinctive texture and a variety of color options.

“Co-mt.” launched when the company changed its name to “KOMATSU MATERE” at the milestone of the company’s 75th anniversary. The brand name Co-mt. stands for “cooperation” (Co) and “material” (mt), which we have been involved with for a long time.
The brand is based on the concept of creating new value and producing new products using our original materials, together with our customers.

Co-mt.’s design philosophy is “technology”. We believe that technology provides for universal, superior long-life design. The technical characteristics of the products include color, texture, expression, and touch. Natural color is brought into synthetic fabric and various colors are combined by means of multistaining.
We are excited to present to you a new fashion created using never-before-seen progressive material and our processing technology.

In addition, Co-mt. aims for “sustainability” (SDGs) and an awareness of global environmental protection. Around the world, many unsold products are disposed of; however Co-mt. garment dyeing technology enables the elimination of excessive inventory and decreases environmental load.
We will promote sustainable manufacturing through Co-mt. technology.
Co-mt. is a special shop that will act as a platform to provide the technology that we have obtained so far, focusing on garment dyeing. At the shop, you will find that basic items are transformed into things that you have never seen before, with a feeling that you have never experienced.